Align Your Health Juice Cleanse System:

Organic, Vegan, Raw, GMO-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, No Soy, No Preservatives...!


The Align Your Health (AYH) Live FoodsTM  Juice Cleanse is a digestive restore system and cleanse for the entire body, from the cells to the blood and tissues. Our cleanse promotes the release of excess mucus from the body, allowing for optimal health.


Each batch of the Align Your Health (AYH) Live FoodsTM One, Three, or Five Day Juice Cleanse is crafted by hand from fresh, raw/living, organic, plant-based (vegan), non-GMO ingredients and healing herbs to ensure that you receive the best possible beverages and foods!


Due to the superior integrity and nature of organic living foods, every single batch of our Align Your Health (AYH) Live FoodsTM Juice Cleanse will lovingly reflect nature’s many different variations.


Stay healthy by getting your full serving of natural & organic fruit and vegetable juices without preservatives!  We thoroughly hand wash all of our fruit with all natural cleansers. Keep in mind some juices have a longer life span than other juices and some of our juices are seasonal, so at times you may receive a comparable juice blend. Our juices are all natural, meaning there are NO PRESERVATIVES and NOT FROM CONCENTRATE. Our freshly pressed juices are also UNPASTEURIZED.


The juices we present to you are the ones we have found to have the highest beneficial vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body!  Your juice cleanse package is prepared fresh and to order just for you!  We know you will enjoy our juices and be sure to tell a friend!


The AYH Juices and Their Benefits:


Day 1 - 3, Weight Loss and Digestive Support with Naturally Occurring Probiotics!:

Pack-a-Punch Pungent Juices add a little bit of heat to the sweet to ignite the digestive system and burn up stored fat and excess mucus!


Pinkberry, Prickly Pear, Anjou Pear, Ginger Root, 8oz

Gingersnap, Mexican Jicama, Ginger Root, Fuji or Mutsu Apple, Burdock Root, 8oz

Citrus Punch, Sweet Juicing Oranges, Lemon Grass Infusion, Key Lime, Cayenne Pepper, 8oz





Day 2 - 3, Skin, Hair, and Nails Support:

Satisfyingly Sweet Juices are naturally sweetened with fruit to nourish and heal depleted muscle tissue and soothe the digestive system!


C-Squared (Cool and Crisp), Kirby Cucumber and Fuji or Mutsu Apple, 8oz

P-Cubed (Pretty, Pretty Persimmon), Persimmon, Anjou Pear, Key Lime, 8oz

My Thai, Young Thai Coconut Water Infused with Key Lime and Ginger Root, 8oz





Day 3 - 5, Blood Cleansers and Toxin Eliminators:

It's Better Bitter Juices are lean, mean, and GREEN to flush waste from the cells of the body and restore optimal health! These juices are not the cute-sy green smoothies that you may be used to... We've taken out the sweet, so that these heavy hitters can go to work on rejuvenating your body and enhancing your beauty!


The Doctor Is In, Dandelion Greens, Fresh Burdock Root, 8oz

Green Goddess, Kale Leaf, Watercress, 8oz




The AYH Juice Cleanse Packages:


One Day AYH Juice Cleanse System - $175 Add to Cart

Package of 8 AYH Juices


Three Day AYH Juice Cleanse System - $225 Add to Cart

Package of 16 AYH Juices


Five Day AYH Juice Cleanse - $275 Add to Cart

Package of 24 AYH Juices



Each Align Your Health (AYH) Juice Cleanse System package is organic, handcrafted, and made fresh to order just for you!  Due to high demand please allow three to four weeks for your order to be processed.  We appreciate your patience!


The AYH Juice Cleanse Nutrition Information:

Each juice is approximately 100 - 200 calories per 8oz bottle. Our primary focus is on preparing nutrient rich and dense juices that will heal and restore your body to optimal health.


The AYH Juice Cleanse Directions:

Our program was designed to give people flexibility with their juice cleanse,understanding that everyone is working from a different place and thateveryone's body is different.The most commonly chosen option during our juice cleanse is listed below:


On Days 1 - 3 you can consume three to five juices per day, essentially one juice for breakfast, one juice for lunch, and one juice for dinner and you have the option to drink up to two additional juices in place of a snack. During days 1 - 3 each flavor juice can be consumed at your preference on any given day.


On Days 4 - 5 you should only be consuming our Green Goddess juices and The Doctor Is In juices (the Green Goddess juices and The Doctor Is In juices are unsweetened/bitter, very potent, and incredibly healing), again similar to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine. By this time the body has had an opportunity to adjust to only consuming juices and the six remaining juices will be filling.


We recommend during our juice detox cleanse program to consume plenty of liquids such as water (steam distilled water is best and should be available at most health food markets) and loose leaf herbal teas, etc. 


"Fasting" from meat, dairy, stimulants such as caffine, and/or alcohol is a great option a few days prior to and after your cleanse.  It can also make the detox process easier, however, choosing to "fast" is up to each individual.


Email with questions or to customize your juice cleanse package! Customized packages are an additional

$75 - $125 per package. Allow 24 - 48 hours for a response to your inquiry.


We only use fresh, never frozen fruits and vegetables to provide you with the best quality juices. Depending on the season you may receive a comparable juice blend. Our live enzyme (raw), nutrient rich, fresh pressed juices are all natural and perishable. Please keep all juices refrigerated and/or frozen as directed. Consume juices within five days of their arrival.  Each AYH Juice Cleanse Package is freshly made by hand and to order. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be processed.


Delivery and/or pick up's are only available on Saturday and Sunday.  Please email us at to schedule your delivery or pick up. 

Delivery Radius: Our delivery radius is within 10 miles of our yoga studio location at 413 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123.


Cancellation Policy: Should you decided to cancel or reschedule your delivery or pick up you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Without at least a 24 hour cancellation notification you will forfeit your order purchase.  There will be no refunds and no re-orders.